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S. Christine Brink is a cross-medium artist based out of Australia. She was born in small-town Ohio, USA, surrounded by sprawling fields and countryside. As a child, she showed a passion for art, creating non-stop, and teaching herself various disciplines with the guidance of supportive family and teachers. In 2014 she gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Bowling Green State University, where she primarily studied traditional portrait painting and drawing. She went on to teach fine art before moving to focus on her art career, and eventually fulfilled her lifelong dream of living alongside the rolling hills and rugged mountains of Tasmania. 


Christine's work is protean in nature, taking on many styles and techniques, and adapting to each body of work. In her art, Christine blends the influences of contemporary and traditional to create visual narratives. The Romantic, Baroque, and Neoclassical periods have influenced her work as much as illustration, editorial photography, and film. Embracing these contrasting influences, she creates a unique aesthetic in her art. 

Her experiences and observations also influence her work. Much of her subject matter centralizes around the human story. While often displayed in a romanticized nature, Christine gives a glimpse into a moment to which we can relate or come to understand. They are often simple, everyday moments—some public, some private. 


Currently, Christine is working out of Tasmania on a number of creative projects and designing book covers.

Artist Statement 

Primarily my work focuses on the concept of visual narrativestelling a story through visual depiction. I pull from both traditional fine art and illustration sensibilities to tell my stories. Some are truths, some are fictions, and some are fictions to bring out the truth.

My work ranges from naturalistic to stylized. This spectrum includes classical painting, three-dimensional,  to contemporary illustrative drawing. The story I need to tell is what drives my decision on style and media. Iconography, art history, and film influence how I chose to depict the visual narrative. Photography was strongly rooted in my formative years. It's shallow depths of field and compositional decisions are alluded to in my work. This technique comes through in my traditional media in the way I lay the paint on the canvas and the gestural lines I use, creating a definite focal point on my subject.


In my art I aim to provide a story while blending the worlds of painting, drawing, photography, and illustration. It is up to my viewer to take their experiences and derive their own narrative.

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Artist Statement
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