P h i l o s o p h y   o f   T e a c h i n g

     "I believe in the importance of children’s development and learning. As an Art Educator I aspire to provide a safe environment which will foster the growth of my students, allowing them to master the tasks they are faced with. I strive to have a place which is conducive to students learning, and I am there to guide them to their goals.

       Learning is taking a concept and comprehending it. In a successful lesson students will make progress—understanding the concepts, while building on old ones and being prepared to learn knew ones. The Visual Arts provide a unique environment for students to explore, discovering self-expression and cross-curricular lessons. For students, this is allowing them to build a foundation for life-long learning.

      In my classroom I encourage my students to grow, learn cross-curricular skills, as well as participate in the Visual Art field which exemplifies humanity. This field allows for students of all learning styles to discover to world. Whether auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learners the Visual Arts allow various ways for students to discover and develop skills. As a group and individually, through discussion, critical thinking, and problem-solving based learning, I get the satisfaction of seeing the students master the lesson being taught. Above all I value effort from my students. If a student gives their “whole-hearted” effort the student will learn to their best ability. As artistic ability develops through their life, I push students to advance and improve their skills.

     The Art Room was the place I learned invaluable instruction in creativity, problem-solving, and countless other lessons. As an Art Educator I make it my goal to become a better teacher every day, and be the best for my students. My concern is with the students’ need, and I strive to be what they need of me. I feel I have taught my students successfully when they understand the concepts, have tired their best, and can take what was mastered and apply it to new lessons and other areas of their life. Just as previous Art Educators did for me, I look to provide these opportunity to future students."

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