[ P a c k a g e s ]
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S. Christine Brink Studios accepts fine art portrait commissions, and offers an array of photogrpahy packages for: seniors, photo shoots, couples & engagements, weddings, events, and groups. Photo sesions are taken at one of three locations, Van Buren State Park, Riverside Park Findlay, and River Bend Findlay.


Each package is taken on with care, and with the individual in mind. The little things make these collections of photos. Full editing is avaliable to photos, see packages for more details.


Find the category which would best fit you and your needs. Select a location, and determain dates that best work for you. Then all you need to do is contact Sarah Christine.


Sarah Christine will work with prior to your session to ensure your experience is unique to you, and your shoot meets your needs.


For other photography services or more locations contact Sarah Christine. 

[ F i n e  A r t  Po r t r a i t s ]

S. Christine Brink Studios offers commissioned fine art drawings and paintings, whether one to compliment a photo package, or one on it's own this piece will be an original and unique piece done by the artit's hand, and will be a special addition to your collection. Digital paintings are also avaliable.

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[ S e n i o r s ]

For those soon to graduate high school, this is the idea set for you. Anything from a few shots to a full shoot can be arranged. A Classic Portrait Painting is also available.

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[ Photo Shoots ]

Want your photo taken, or need a photographer to take portrait shots? Arrange and book a session with S. Christine Brink Studios for a personalized experiance.

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[ C o u p l e s  &  E n g a g e m e n t s ]

There are a variety of options for couples. Whether you are looking for a few shots together, or a series there's something for you both.

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[ W e d d i n g s ]

Have your special day recorded by S. Christine Brink Studio's photography. Pick from a variety of packages to customize one of your own.

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[ E v e n t s ]

Have a special event captured with S. Christine Brink Studios. Contact Sarah Christine for availability. 

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[ G r o u p s ]

There are a range of packages and options available for those wanting group photos. Whether it's a family portrait or you and your friends, there's something for you. 

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