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stories through imagery

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Creative Services

illustration, graphic design, photography, & more

Sleuth Kings Front Cover Illustration

Sleuth Kings

graphic design & illustration project

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the connectivity of lives



monsters come to America 

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a fantastical journey

Fallen S Christine Brink


the cost of judgement

True Self, Privy Beyond the Door. 2016-2018. Oil on panel, 48x27in_

Privy Beyond
the Door

witnessing our personal moments


Home in Tasmania

documenting a homeland


Relics & Memories

the imbuing of memories

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Portraits & Figures


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[Artist Statement]

Primarily my work focuses on the concept of visual narrativestelling a story through visual depiction. I pull from both traditional fine art and illustration sensibilities to tell my stories. Some are truths, some are fictions, and some are fictions to bring out the truth.

My work ranges from naturalistic to stylized. This spectrum includes classical painting, three-dimensional,  to contemporary illustrative drawing. The story I need to tell is what drives my decision on style and media. Iconography, art history, and film influence how I chose to depict the visual narrative. Photography was strongly rooted in my formative years. It's shallow depths of field and compositional decisions are alluded to in my work. This technique comes through in my traditional media in the way I lay the paint on the canvas and the gestural lines I use, creating a definite focal point on my subject.


In my art I aim to provide a story while blending the worlds of painting, drawing, photography, and illustration. It is up to my viewer to take their experiences and derive their own narrative.

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E-Mail: SChristineBrink@gmail.com

Working from the Northwest & North-central Ohio area, USA. 

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