Relics & Memories

An object is just an object, or is it? Why as a culture do some objects hold so much meaning, when in reality it is just a thing. In Relics & Memories I explore how objects are imbued with value due to our personal appropriation of attachment. An object which is just a trifle to one person, may be the most cherished item to another because of this appropriation.  

The pieces created for this series embodies memories and concepts pulled from my own personal experiences and symbolically show the growing of importance to items and memories that may seem meaningless to others. A simple china cup to one person, is the cup my grandmother bequeathed to me. A simple form is a visceral reminder of childhood memory. I use organic rock-lick forms in many of the works as a physical symbol of the emotional memory and feelings the object holds to the owner. 

Relics & Memories is a project spreading across several media to record these material items imbued with priceless worth.